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History of Teignmouth CC

The Teignmouth Chess club has reached the ripe old age of 106 this  year.  Maybe not the oldest club in Devon but it does boast an unbroken existence.  The history of the club has been traced by Bill Frost and gathered together with reminiscences of club and ex-club members set out in 70 pages of A4 size with many photographs.  This is now available at £15  inclusive of postage and packing

Gary Lane :  "I think the book is great and it brings back many memories. "

"A slice of chess history for a keen player or a highly recommended step by step guide on how to honour a local club."  ECF Newsletter No.4.

For Gary's review go HERE

Bob Jones : "An excellent and valuable project, beautifully executed and finished."  Western Morning News

For Bob's review go HERE

Book your copy with

The 50th Torbay Congress

Under the control of Ken Alexander the first round of the 50th Torbay Congress was played on Friday 11th November at the Livermead House Hotel.  Chess devon will be showing games, reports and tables. 


Round One

Round One


See Congresses/Torbay for crosstables.

Annual DCCA Quick Play Competition

There was a good response from teams entering this DCCA annual event.  Go to News/DCCA for Trefor Thynne's report.

The 17th Beacon Seniors

There was a resurgance of local players in the 17th Beacon Seniors.  Bill Ingham of the Tignmouth club won the Seniors and Graham Bolt of Exeter took the Junior prize.  Details can be seen on Congresses/Beacon Seniors.

Devon start the season with a win

In a match played at the Plymouth Chess Club on 8th October, Devon overcame Cornwall by 12 points to 4.  Cornwall conceded the 2nd. team match.

Games can be seen Here and details are on NEWS/WECU

Notice to DCCA Team Captains and Secretaries

Nick Butland has completed the League Tables etc. for the season 2016/17.  Go to News/DCCA for details.

Note:- Entries to individual competitions need to submit their entry before 21st October 2016.  See News/DCCA for details.

WECU Jamboree

The WECU opened the season with the traditional Jamboree held in the Tacchi Centre, Taunton, on Sunday 11th September.  Devon won the Senior Section and Torbay League the Graded Section.  Details, supplied by Ben Edgell, can be seen on News/WECU.

Games of both the Open and Graded Jamboree can be seen on News/WECU.  Our thanks to Brian Hewson.

The 66th Paignton Congress

The 66th annual congress held its first round at the Livermead House Hotel Torquay on 4th September.  Final cross tables can be seen on the Congresses/Paignton page. 

Brian Gosling has won the Boniface Morning and Norman Andrews has taken the Thynne Morning.

The winner of the Boniface has submitted his games which can be seen HERE.

All the games played in the Premiere will be published here.

Games of the Ron Bruce Premier

Round 1

Round 2 Round 3 Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7


Selection of Games from the Challengers

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3


Devon players continue their trek around Europe

Trefor Thynne was part of a British contingent that took part in the Dieppe Congress held during 20-27 August 2016.  His report plus games can be seen here.

Brian Hewson and Bill Ingham have entered the World Seniors Championships to be held in the Czech Republic in late November.

Devon County Chess Association

The DCCA held their AGM on 17th June 2016 at the Courtenay Centre, Newton Abbot.  The minutes of this meeting can be seen on News/DCCA.

East Budleigh Chess Club

We welcome the East Budleigh Chess Club to our pages.  Founded by Brian Gosling, East Budleigh is the youngest club in Devon.  More details can by found on the News link above.

The British Championship 2016

This year the championship was held in Bournemouth and attracted players from the SW region amongst whom was Brian Hewson.  Brian gives his impression of the Open Championship HERE.

Tiverton Chess Club

Tiverton Chess Club set out their stall for the coming season.  If you live in the Tiverton area, play chess or want to learn to play chess, take a look at News/Tiverton.

World Seniors Team Tournament

A view of the playing hall

England were well represented at the World Seniors Team Championship in Radebaul, Dresden, Germany, from 26th June to 4th July.       Trefor Thynne was in one of England's 65+ teams and has sent an interesting report that can be seen HERE.

Team Captains and County Players Please Note

Brian Hewson has carefully put together a diary of chess events covering the season 2016/17, which can be seen on the News/DCCA page.  Please make a note of the critical events that effect both yourself and your club.

A Knight to Remember

Recently the Exeter Club employed the skills of Grandmaster Timur Gareyev to hold a session of blindfold simultaneous play against ten opponents.  See the article that Tim Paulden sent to the Express & Echo on News/Exeter.

WECU Results for 2014/16 and Programme for 2016/17

On the News/WECU page the table of results for the 2015/2016 can be seen together with the programme for 2016/17.  County Captains are asked to check and confirm any changes needed.

Devon Lose to Essex

In a match played over 14 boards, Devon lost to Essex by 5 points to 9.  See News/WECU for details.

GAMES can be seen in GAMES/DCCA

Devon Player Candidate for ECF Player of the Year

Meyrick Shaw of the Exmouth Club has been nominated for the award of "ECF Player  of the Year" for his performance in the World  Seniors Tournament.  To be nominated for this award is an achievement in itself and Meyrick has our best wishes for his success.

Death of Victor Korchnoy

The death has been announced of the Russian grandmaster Victor Korchnoy, in Switzerland on 6th Jue2016.  Korchnoy came close to winning the World Championship when, in 1978, he very narrowly lost the final Candidate Masters tournament to Karpov.  As a result of this match, Karpov was awarded the Championship title following the default of Bobby Fischer.  Having defected from the USSR Korchnoy struggled to enter international tournaments in the face of Soviet opposition.  However, he was still playing in strong international tournaments when aged over 80. He was 85 years old on his demise.

To appreciate his playing strength a few of his games, annotated by himself can be seen here.

Devon in National U180's Semi's

With the help from two defaults Devon beat the Middlesex under 180's and go through to meet Essex in the Semi-final of the National Team competition.  See News/WECU for details. 

Devon has a new Ladies’ Champion

A new name is set to be engraved on the Devon Ladies’ Championship Cup – 16 year-old Nandaja Narayanan of Torquay Girls’ Grammar School and Newton Abbot Chess Club beat reigning champion Jacqueline Barber-Lafon of Kingskerswell to capture the trophy for the first time. Nandaja, a year 11 pupil and a keen member of Devon Junior teams as well as Newton Abbot club sides in Torbay and DCCA leagues, has made steady progress in chess over several years and this result is a fine achievement by such a young player.

Nandaja has a 10 year old sister, Nirinjana, who is also an up-and-coming player and member of the Newton Abbot club.

Torbay League KO

Plymouth CC rounded off a fine season by winning the Torbay White Knights KO, defeating Newton Abbot by 4 points to to 2.

See News/Torbay league for details.

West of England Chess Union Championships

The WECU Championships are being held over the period 25-28th March at the Royal Beacon Hotel, Exmouth.  We shall be publishing round by round results plus all the games from the Open and a selection of games from the other sections.

28/03/2016 - 14:30 Final tables

30/03/2016 - 18:00 Final Prize list added.

E. Devon Congress -Test for Local Players

Players waiting for the start.

Photo courtesy of Keverel Chess

Local players faced a severe test at the East Devon Congress with the entry of Grandmaster Keith Arkell in the Open Tournament. 

He was joined by International Master Jack Rudd so some keen competition was expected.

See all the games here.

Go to Congresses/ E. Devon for final crosstables. Prize list added 7th March 2016

Our thanks to Tony Tatam


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5


Small alterations have been made to some games after initial publication.  To obtain a correct database it is necessary to download the games played in each round again. - 15/03/2016

Massive sale of books - some as good as new


We are privileged to bring to your attention a massive sale of chess books.  The book you have been looking for will no doubt be available on the lists you can see here.

Note: A fine selection of "Caissa Edition" books has  been added.

50 Games

In the past we have made it a practice to publish some annotated games that have somehow found themselves on my hard disc.  It is some time ago that we last carried out this practice but we continue it here.

See some of the games HERE.

Download the entire database HERE

Devon get the better of Somerset

In two matches played on Saturday 6th February, Devon beat Somerset overwhelmingly in the under U160 but very narrowly in the county match.  For details see News/WECU.

Games of Devon 1 v Somerset 1 HERE Amended 12/02/2016

Games of Devon 2 v Somerset 2 HERE Amended 12/02/2016

Our thanks to Brian Hewson for keying-in the games.

The scores of some games are subject to amendments.  Any amendments will be notifi

Games of the National U180 Final

The games played in the U180 National Final can be seen here.  Our thanks to Brian Hewson for keying these in.

Games of the National U180 Quarter Final

Devon entertained Nottinghamshire at Frampton-on-Severn on 16th May in the Quarter-Final of the County U180 and, after a nail-biting finish, emerged winners with 8½ points to 7½.

Match details can be seen on News/WECU page.

Games can be seen HERE - thanks to Brian Hewson.

Devon will meet Lancashire in the Semi-Final.

Database of games by Local Players

During the life of "Chess Devon" we have collected games played by local players in tournaments, county games, club games etc. until we have accumulated circa 27,000 such games.  The term "Local Players" rather loosely describes all players who have participated in these tournaments etc.  We are willing to place this database on sale by download at the price of £12.

If you are interested, please contact


This website is supported by congresses held in the West Country, the West of England Chess Union and chess clubs and leagues within the county of Devon.  Every organisation represented here have contributed to the running costs and we thank them for their contributions.  If any other organisation wish to be similarly represented, please contact

All articles published on this website are © of  "Chess Devon".  All rights reserved.

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In retail news ChessBaron have unveiled several new chess set designs. The company say that the Baggio, Alexander and and King Edward are good additions to their range line-up.

Chess Sets UK - Online Supplier of Chess Sets & Boards.

Go HERE for all sets etc.

50th Torbay Chess


11th, 12th and 13th November 2016

The Livermead House Hotel

Torquay Road, Seafront,

You can enter online at the Congress website

It also has more information about this

event, previous events and the venue.

W.E.C.U. nominated open qualifying event for the

2017 British Championships

Incorporating the Torbay Chess League Individual Championships

and the Devon Ralph Newman Cup

OPEN, U-170, U-140 & U-120

Five Round Seeded Swiss Tournaments

Play commences Friday at 7.00 pm

Admission to the playing area from 6.30 pm



3rd Plymouth Rapidplay

Chess Congress

Sunday 4th December 2016

to be held at the

Plymouth Chess Club

Plymouth Bridge Club, 1 Moor View Terrace,

Mutley Plain, Plymouth PL4 7EB



   6 Round Swiss Rapidplay

 Rate of play: 30 minutes each (max 1 hour game length)

 Play commences at 10.00am

 1st £80, 2nd £40, 3rd £20               

             Four grading prizes of £15                         

(Additional prizes dependent on entries)


Tony Tatam, 31 St Marks Road, Plymouth, PL6 8BS


Tel: 01752 300620 (before 10pm) Mob: 07981 868676



Plymouth Chess Club:

Chess Devon:

Entries will be limited therefore book early to avoid disappointment









Play chess online



Jeremy Menadue

Photo courtesy of Brendan O'Gorman

The British Championships for 2016 will be held in Bournemouth this year, commencing on Saturday 23rd July and then running for a further two weeks.

Included in the main tournament are some 80+ entrants which includes several SW players.  The principal entry is Micky Adams who seldom enters this sort of open tournament.  Other SW entries are Keith Arkell, Jack Rudd, Jeremy Menadue, Brian Hewson, Allan Pleasants and Stephen Dilleigh.

Entering for the Major is Matt Wilson whilst other tournaments include Dinah and Kenneth Norman and Brian Gosling.

Chess Devon will be publishing interim reports concentrating on the SW entrants.

22nd July

11th  Round Results

  S     S  
Brown 7 0 Adams 9 1
Fodor 6½ 1 Arkell 6½ 0
Bridg 5 ½ Rudd 5 ½
Menadue 5 ½ Mason 5 ½
Elwin 4½ ½ Hewson 4½ ½
Britton 4 0 Pleasants 4 1
Dilleigh 3 ½ Grogoryan 2½ ½

S = Score before start of round

Games played by SW Entrants
One Two Three Four
Five Six Seven Eight
Nine Ten Eleven  

1 Adams,Michael 2727 10.0 / 11
2 Howell,David Wl 2663 8.5 / 11
3 Jones,Gawain Cb 2650 8.0 / 11
4 Tan,Justin Hy 2438 8.0 / 11
5 Gormally,Daniel W 2494 7.5 / 11
6 Hebden,Mark L 2509 7.5 / 11
7 Emms,John M 2467 7.5 / 11
8 Fodor,Tamas Jr 2505 7.5 / 11
9 Pert,Nicholas 2570 7.0 / 11
10 Ward,Chris G 2437 7.0 / 11
18 Arkell,Keith C 2455 6.5 / 11
38 Rudd,Jack 2213 5.5 / 11
43 Menadue,Jeremy Fs 2034 5.5 / 11
60 Hewson,Brian Wr 2082 5.0 / 11
74 Pleasants A 2038 4.0/11
82 Dilleigh,Stephen P 2053 3.5 / 11

THE 42nd Olympiad

The 42nd Olympiad is being held in the chess city of Baku

Following a heavy defeat inflicted by The Netherlands, the English team set about repairing the damage by beating Vietnam.  The 7th September is a rest day.

Round 5 on 2016/09/06 at 15:00
Bo. 32
  Vietnam (VIE)
Rtg - 6
  England (ENG)
Rtg 1 : 3
14.1 GM
Le, Quang Liem
2723 - GM
Adams, Michael
2738 ½ - ½
14.2 GM
Nguyen, Ngoc Truong Son
2633 - GM
McShane, Luke J
2671 ½ - ½
14.3 FM
Nguyen, Anh Khoi
2448 - GM
Jones, Gawain C B
2635 0 - 1
14.4 GM
Dao, Thien Hai
2486 - GM
Short, Nigel D
2666 0 - 1

Games played by the English team - Rounds 1-3
Round 5 -