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SEASON 2015/16


The Exeter Chess Club is one of the oldest in the County of Devon, if not the oldest.

They meet at:

David Jeffrey Room

Heavitree Social Centre

2, East Wonford Hill,




each Tuesday commencing at 7:00 p.m.

For more information contact the Secretary:

S. Pope,

e-mail: sean.pope1@blueyonder.co.uk

Tel: 01392 436420

Visitors to the club are very welcome.


For more details on the activities of the Exeter Chess Club go to http://exeterchessclub.org.uk/
Ref Member Name Sex Age Club Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
191011F Silver Aldwin, Brian M Exeter 97 C 101 C 109 D 105 C
287957J Silver Amos, Jeremy M Exeter 145 D 139 D 139 D 147 E
301954J Armstrong, Nicholas M 14 Exeter School 22 F
269317D Silver Best, Matthew M Shrewsbury 156 A 150 A 165 C 154 C
178338F Gold Body, Giles M Exeter 160 C 160 B 160 C 156 B
106951C Gold Bolt, Graham M Railways London 190 A 187 A 176 C
302835F Silver Chan, Jake C M Exeter 153 D
227246F Silver Cockerton, Mark J M Teignmouth 115 A 115 A 123 D 122 D
294981H Silver Coleman, Henry M 14 Exeter Juniors 53 E 57 F
294982K Silver Coleman, Redmond M 14 Exeter Juniors 58 E 70 F
109500G De Piro, Tristram DP M Exeter 148 D 141 E
304816A Silver Dean, Alan J M Exeter 141 E
102822E Bronze Dobber, Piet M Wellington (Somerset) 138 B 136 A
162715G Silver Duckham, Jon M Tiverton 161 C 159 B 148 B 144 C
110863D Silver Frangleton, Andrew A M Exeter 149 D 148 D
194716D Gold Frean, Daniel J M Broadland 175 A 175 A 150 D 146 C
245231F Silver Gosling, Marcus M Exeter 169 D
277379L Silver Hartmann, Lorenz M Exeter 180 A 184 B 179 D 179 D
162619L Gold Homer, Stephen J M Newton Abbot 190 B 184 A 194 D 192 C
113247H Silver Hunter, Kelvin M Tiverton 133 D 131 C 136 D 136 B
266234G Bronze Hurst, Kevin J M Exmouth 174 C 175 C 178 E 168 D
293386L Hwang, Ethan M 11 Exeter 96 D 113 E
248351J Silver Keen, Charles E M Exeter 150 A 145 B 145 C
247331J Silver Lowe, Chris M Brighton & Hove 175 C 179 C
214839A Silver Maloney, John M Exeter 106 E 109 E
114914D Bronze Marjoram, William T M Exeter 127 C 115 D
304283C Mead, Steve Exeter 103 F 76 F
297431K Silver Miner, Thomas J M Exeter 62 D 70 E 68 D 68 F
116407H O'Neill, Paul A M Exeter 185 F
223118K Ozanne, Mark S M Exeter 146 F 146 F
290150L Silver Palmer, Edward John M Exeter 129 C 126 C 129 D
153053H Gold Paulden, Tim M Exeter 187 B 188 B 178 C 180 D
151072B Silver Player, Richard M Exeter 115 D 110 D 107 D 112 D
147656H Silver Pope, Sean M Exeter 144 C 142 C 149 D 163 E
304282A Silver Poschmann, Jeremie M Exeter 184 E
245099K Gold Ramdewar, Ishan M London SE * 151 D 154 C
155647C Gold Regis, David M Exeter 175 C 178 B
149050D Silver Scholes, Richard A M Exeter 111 B 107 C 104 D 107 C
304911F Silver Jnr Schulte, Felix M 16 Exeter 183 D 181 E
269364B Bronze Simpson, Ian R M Exeter 140 D 131 D 167 F 167 F
276275E Silver Jnr Whittington, Reece W M 16 Exeter 137 A 132 A 140 B 131 C



A knight to remember! Exeter hosts blindfold simul by GM Timur Gareyev




On 9 June, GM Timur Gareyev dropped in to Exeter (in south-west England) to perform an extraordinary display of mental agility – taking on ten local players at the same time whilst blindfolded.

The 28-year-old grandmaster, known in chess circles as the “Blindfold King”, won the contest by a margin of eight games to two, while simultaneously notching up over 20 miles on his trademark stationary bike. GM Gareyev scored impressive victories against Lorenz Hartmann, Brian Gosling, Alan Dean, Charlie Keen, Tom Morgan, Barbara Newcombe, Brian Aldwin, and Tom Miner – with five of the games lasting fewer than 25 moves. He was defeated by David Gunter and by John Morrison.

The special event, which was sponsored by Exeter Chess Club and hosted by Oxygen House, served as a warm-up to GM Gareyev’s blindfold chess world-record attempt in December 2016, in which he plans to take on 47 opponents simultaneously.

John Morrison, who was awarded the “best game” prize for his victory, remarked: “GM Gareyev’s blindfold simul was genuinely the most incredible chess event I’ve ever witnessed. It was like something out of the twilight zone!”

Event organiser Tim Paulden, president of Exeter Chess Club, added: “It was a pleasure and a privilege to welcome GM Gareyev to Exeter. His display was nothing short of phenomenal, and we will all be cheering him on when he takes on the world-record in Prague this December.”

The ten games from the event are all available HERE.

Exeter Chess Club presents...

A fun evening of fast chess, open to all (and free!)

7-10pm on Friday 8 July 2016, at the Pit-Stop Cafe

(25 Marsh Green Road East, Marsh Barton, Exeter EX2 8PQ)

Venue website: www.pitstopcafeexeter.co.uk

[Arrive 6:45pm for a 7pm start. Plenty of parking available.]

Up to 40 places are available.
Two large balanced teams will be formed from the entrants, and you'll get to play two blitz games (20min/game)
plus two blitz "chess variants" (15min/game) against different opponents. Full details on the night!
Games will not go for grading.

Entry fee
Entry is free! You are encouraged to purchase refreshments from the venue (which are subsidised by £1 per entrant).

How to enter
All players from all Devon clubs (and beyond!) are welcome to play, but you must notify Brian Aldwin
in advance [before 1 July please] if you'd like to participate!

Brian's details are:

07435 317941

For those based in Exeter looking for a lift to the venue, shared transport will be available from
Heavitree Social Club to the Pit-Stop Cafe at 6:15pm (and back to HSC afterwards).
If you require a lift or would like to offer one, please mention this to Brian when you contact him.

We look forward to seeing you there for what should be a very fun evening of chess!