East Budleigh Chess Club

Season 2016/2017



East Budleigh is a village chess club situated in a beautiful valley in East Devon. We meet once a month and are  associated with the Exeter Chess League and Devon County Chess. Club Secretary: Brian Gosling  brigosling@aol.com  01395-442060

Sessions:  Usually 2nd Thursday of the month Sept-May   6:30 - 9:30 PM. (Variations sometimes due to chess tournament dates.) Club nights are kept free for ladder games and blitz/rapidplay tournaments. Matches against other clubs take place on different days and are arranged by the club secretary.

The first meeting of the new season is Thursday 14th September 2017

Annual Subscription:            £35 for full members. £15 for juniors.
Fees  payable to the English Chess Federation for the start of new season are: www.englishchess.org.uk/membership/membership-rates/  This is important  in order to obtain a grade.


 Church Hall, All Saints Church, Hayes Lane,  the church tower of which can be seen for miles. 

Hayes Lane is the narrow lane opposite The Sir Walter Raleigh Pub (150 yd's from venue) in the High Street. There is a car park next to the Hall but it can only be accessed via Hayes Lane. From the CP follow the steps (care needed)  through the  gate by the cottages up to the Hall on the L. There is a street map on the village web site: 



 We are also on the ECF Club map which is helpful for general directions. Remember we meet in the Church Hall  NOT the Village Hall.


Club contact:   Secretary Brian Gosling  brigosling@aol.com  01395-442060

Grading List: List Of East Budleigh Club Players



Ref Member Name Sex Age Club Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
111446D Gold Gosling, Brian GE M Exmouth 159 B 157 B
266234G Bronze Hurst, Kevin J M Exmouth 174 C 175 C 178 E 168 D
295638L Le Masurier, Brian East Budleigh 71 F
302304H Bronze Jnr Lee, Max M 11 Sidmouth 48 D 41 E
295821B Bronze Lee, Michael Sidmouth 82 B 82 B
221018G Bronze Lester, Michael M East Budleigh 74 F 74 F
304763F Bronze Jnr Lister, Sam T M 10 East Budleigh
297431K Silver Miner, Thomas J M Exeter 62 D 70 E 68 D 68 F
290163J Gold Shaw, Meyrick M Exmouth 163 A 178 A 175 A 178 A
285021H Gold Wensley, Oliver E M Exmouth 168 A 171 A 157 C 154 D

Extract from the Sidmouth Herald of 30th October 2017


The East Budleigh chess club that faced Exeter. Grandmaster Arkel is in the centre of the group

      East Budleigh Chess Club came close to causing a major upset in the Devon Knockout (Rooke Cup) competition, writes Brian Gosling.

On top board they had the services of club president - Grandmaster Keith Arkell - but this wasn’t quite enough to make up for the grading deficiency that East Budleigh had overall.In the eight board preliminary round match against Exeter, many of the games were too close to call at the halfway point
.It was impressive to see the East Budleigh players sticking to the task, taking time over their moves.Eventually the older established club from Exeter pulled out in front and fashioned a 5-3 victory.

There were East Budleigh wins from Keith Arkell and Brian Gosling and creditable draws by Kevin Hurst, who was battling a heavy cold, and Jonathan Waley, who was playing a much higher graded opponent.
The Grandmaster seemed to be cruising in his game against his opponent Chris Lowe, who then found some active squares for his pieces.Keith had to work really hard to overcome some tricky tactics. Eventually he came out on top, but only after a few anxious moments!

There are a couple of local tournaments taking place in the next few weeks – the Beacon Seniors Tournament and the Torbay Congress.For more details see the Keverelchess.com and Chessdevon.org.uk web sites for details.The next club night is being held on Thursday, November 16, at 6.50pm at the All Saints Church Hall, East Budleigh. For more information on all things East Budleigh Chess Club, please contact Brian [Gosling] by email at brigosling@aol.com or by phone at 01395 442060..