SEASON 2018/2019




Andrew Kinder    

Trefor Thynne
The Farriers     54 Silverwood Avenue
Kingston   Milber
Kingsbridge TQ7 4PP  Newton Abbot TQ12 4LG

Tel: 01548 810750                                    

 01626 337876
 Email:ask.27@btinternet.com                                                   email:tthynne@tbgs.Torbay.sch.uk
Jacquie Barber- Lafon Paul Brooks
19, Southey Crescent 14 Wakehams Close
Kingskerswell Modbury
TQ12 5JQ Tel 01548 830518
Tel 01803 872954 E.Mail: paulbrooks1@gmail.com
E mail: jbarberlafon@btinternet.com  


Dear member/new member/potential member,

                            I am pleased to welcome you to the new season at Newton Abbot Chess  Club, our thirteenth since the re-founding of the club in 2005.

                            Several members have been busy playing during the summer break: the club was represented by four players in the victorious Devon county team in the ECF Counties Championship (under 180 grade) which had wins against Nottinghamshire, Surrey and Middlesex.  We were represented in the British Championships in Llandudno and more recently a number of members took part in the annual DCCA (“Paignton”) Congress held in Torquay. Notably, one of our ex-junior members, John Fraser, now an Exeter University student, won the Rapidplay tournament at this congress beating Grandmaster Keith Arkell in the process. We are proud as we go into a new season that we have both the West of England and Devon Ladies Champions as members of Newton Abbot club.

                       There have been some improvements to the Courtenay Centre recently with much better toilet facilities and a redecoration of room 3.

                      The club’s equipment stock has benefited from the generosity of two members, Philip Coaker and Mike Hussey, who each paid for two new digital clocks (DG2010 type). This brings our total to 14 which should be ample for all our needs – a vital step in view of the decision of both Torbay and Devon leagues to introduce incremental time Llmits this year.

                                         Grades August 2017:  most of you will already have seen the new grades for the season. If not, they are available on the ECF website (www.englishchess.org) . Congratulations to those of you whose grade has gone up and good luck to all for this year. A reminder that the August 2017 grade is the one which applies throughout  the season for league matches even though new grades will be published in January. (For those unaware of the basis on which grades are calculated, the graders take your last 30 graded games – this may involve using results from before the beginning of the latest season).

It is worth my mentioning one new facility which may be an attraction to members looking to play more graded games:  you can agree at any time to play a graded game against another member (or, in fact against players from other clubs) even if it is not in an internal club championship section). Results of such games should be entered in the special book which will be made available for this purpose and will be submitted for grading by the club secretary.  This means that if you come to a club session without having a club tournament  game arranged you can still play a serious graded game at that session if you so wish.

As last year we are intending again to run some coaching sessions  this season.  The club’s committee will be meeting soon to plan various special events for the season in addition to the usual Torbay League and DCCA match programme.

As mentioned above the Torbay Chess League and Devon County Chess Association have made the big decision to move to incremental time limits for the new season. This has the beneficial effect that you should never lose on time though there will no doubt need to be adjustments to all our techniques! Further details on the new limits will be posted on the club noticeboard.

We have entered the following divisions of the leagues this year (team captains listed in brackets):

Torbay League: Div 1 (Paul Brooks) Div 2 (Wilf Taylor) Div 3 (Jacquie Barber-Lafon) Div 4 (Mike Hussey) Rapidplay ( Andrw Kinder) Knock-out (Paul Brooks).

DCCA: Div 1 Bremridge (Trefor Thynne) Div 2 Mamhead  (Paul Brooks) Div 3 Schofield (Wilf Taylor Div 4  Moyle (Jacquie Barber-Lafon) Knock-Out Rooke (Trefor Thynne) Junior Bloodworth (tbc)

Club Committee: The committee consists of the following members – Andrew Kinder (President/Chairman/)), Trefor Thynne (Secretary),    Paul Brooks (Competition Secretary)  Jacquie Barber-Lafon (Treasurer), Paul Brooks, Mike Hussey, Prabhu Kashap, Philip Coaker, Luke Glasson (junior representative).

The committee will  organise a rota so that on each club night there will be a senior member responsible for various aspects of the club on that night e.g. supervision of juniors, welcome to new members, setting  out and putting away of equipment etc.

Club website:      Early steps are being taken to set up a club website under the supervision of Paul Brooks.  If you have any ideas relating to this don’t keep them to yourself! There are some costs to the club in establishing a website – another good reason for early subscription payment please!

 Subscriptions for this year are unchanged at £65 for adults (discounted rate £35) and £30 for juniors.  We recognize that this level of subscription is higher than in some other Devon clubs but the room hire charge is likely to rise to £35 per session this year and the committee feels  that the excellent facilities at the Courtenay Centre  together with the range of chess activities on offer make membership of the club  a good  deal. The committee has the discretion to vary these rates in individual cases where appropriate, for example for students or unwaged players or for those who wish to take part in only one aspect of the club’s activity e.g. DCCA league matches.

The match fee rate for Saturday fixtures has been raised by £1 to £3 per match.

         Our treasurer, Jacquie Barber-Lafon   will be delighted to receive subscriptions at any time from now on and early payment would be very helpful as the club has a number of major financial commitments to meet in September and October.                                                       The treasurer’s address is: 19 Southey Crescent, Kingskerswell. Potential new members are invited to attend for two free sessions before paying a subscription.

         ECF MEMBERSHIP:  club members are reminded that they need to renew their English Chess Federation memberships from 1st September. Some of the rates have increased slightly for 2017-18. Adult membership rates are:  Platinum £69 Gold £33 Silver £22.50 Bronze £15. Junior members: Platinum £69 Gold £26.50 Silver £16 Bronze £8.50. Any junior member who has not previously been an ECF member can have one year’s free Silver Level membership (ask the club secretary for details). Full details of how to join are on the ECF website (www.englishchess.org.uk) or it can be done via the club secretary if you prefer. ECF Bronze membership is a precondition of playing in external matches for the club. Silver Level is required for congress play.

DCCA TEAM QUICK-PLAY: We shall again be hosting this popular event at the Courtenay Centre on Sunday 29th October. Further information when the season gets under way.

  I look forward to welcoming you all at the first club night  and hope that you will have an enjoyable  and successful chess season with Newton Abbot.

Trefor Thynne  (Club Secretary)                                                                          

01626 337876  (home)                      tthynne@tbgs.torbay.sch.uk

07770 419420 (mob)


                               LEAGUE MATCHES AND RESULTS FOR SEASON 2018/19
Thur 11 TLP NA  "A" v NA "B" H ½
Thur 18 TLP "B" v South Hams To be rescheduled    
Thur 18 TLP 4 v Plymouth H
Mon 22 TLP 3 v Plymouth A 3 1
Tues 6 TLP "A" v Teignmouth A A 4 0
Thur 8 TL4 v South Hams H
Mon 12 TLRP v Plymouth A     Def 4 0
Thur 15 TL 3 v South Hams H    
Tues 20 TL 4 v Teignmouth H
Thurs 22 TLRP v  South Hams H    
Sat 1  DCCA3 v Exeter H    
Sat1 DCCA4 v Teignmouth A    
Thur 6 TL3 v TBGS H    
Thur 6 TL4 v TBGS H    
Sat 8 DCCA1 v Exmouth H    
Tue 11 TLP  "B" v Teignmouh A    
Thur 13 TLP "A" v South Hams H    
Thur  13 Friendly RP Newcomers v TBGS H    
Sat 15   DCCA2 v South Hams H    
 Sat 5   DCCA2 v Barnstaple A    
Sat12 DCCA1 v Exeter A    
Sun 13 Inter=Area Jaboree H    
Thur 17 TLP "A" v Teignmouth H    
Thur 17 TLP "B" v South Hams H    
Sat 19 DCCA3 v Teignmouth A    
Mon 21 TL4 v Plymouth A    
Thur 24 TL3 v South Hams A    
Sat 2 DCCA4 v Barnstaple H    
Thur 7 TLRP v Plymouth H    
Sat 9 DCCAKO v Teignmouth A  
Thur 14 TL3 v Plymouth H    
Sat 16 DCCA1 v Exmouth A    
Sat 16 DCCA3 v Barnstaple H    
Thur 21 TLP NA"A" v NA"B" H    
Thur 21 TL4  South Hams A    
Sat 2 DCCA  v Teignmouth H    
Thur 7 TLP "A" v South Hams A    
Thur 7 TL4 v Teignmouth H    
Wed 13 TL4 v TBGS A  
Thur 14 TLRP v South Hams A    
Sat 16 DCCA2 v Plymouth H    
Wed 20 TL3 v TBGS A    
Thur21 TLP v "B" Teignmouth H    
Sat 23 DCCA£ v East Budleigh A    
Sat 30 DCCA1 v Teignmouh H    
Sat 13 DCCA4 v Barnstaple A    
Sat 27 DCCA2 v Exmouth A    



Dear club member
                        With the chess season reaching its climax along with the Brexit negotiations (!) I thought it was time for an update on recent happenings and a look ahead.
                        It has been really gratifying to see so many new members this year and to see their enthusiasm.  I am sure that Paul Brooks’ work on setting up our excellent website has been one of the main reasons for this influx as we continue to buck the trend seen in other clubs of declining membership and activity.
                          The highlight of January was undoubtedly the Simultaneous Display given by Grandmaster Keith Arkell on the 10th. Thanks to all who supported this event. I know that Keith himself enjoyed the evening. The star of the display, apart from Keith, was 12-year old Aarv Paul whose win can be seen on the website.
                         Another big get-together was the annual DCCA Inter-Area Jamboree which we hosted at the Courtenay Centre on Sunday 13th. The three-sided 12-player-per team competition was won by the West team (Plymouth and South Hams)  followed by the East (Exeter/Exmouth) and the South (Newton Abbot/Teignmouth/TBGS). Thanks to our President  Andrew Kinder for organising and captaining the South team
                       Results of recent matches:
Torbay League :
Premier Division: NA “A” v Teignmouth (H 17.1.19) won 3 ½ - ½ (Stephens 1 Homer ½ Brooks 1 Kennedy-Bruyneels 1)
                                 NA “B” v South Hams (H 17.1.19) Won 3-1 (Brusey 1 Kinder 1 Blackmore ½ Cole ½)
Division  3:  NA v South Hams (A 24.1.19) Lost 1-3 (Miller 0 Barber-Lafon ½ Hussey 0 Niranjana Narayanan ½)
Division 4:      NA v Plymouth   (A 27.1.19) Lost   1 ½ - 2 ½    (Barber-Lafon ½ Hussey 1 Kashap 0  Naru Narayanan 0)             
DCCA league:  Division 1 (Bremridge) NA v Exeter (A 12.1.19) Lost 1 ½ - 4 ½ (Brusey 0 Brooks ½  Thynne 1 Blackmore 0 Allen 0 Bonds 0) (Exeter’s team had 6 players graded from 176 to 188!)
                            Division 2 (Mamhead) NA v Barnstaple (A  5.1.19 Won 2 ½ - 1 ½  (Brusey 1 Ramesh 1/2  Brooks 1 Blackmore 0). Two wins out of two so far in the Mamhead.
Division 3 (Schofield) NA v Teignmouth (A 19.1.19   Won 4-0 by default – Teignmouth unable to raise team)
Division 4 (Moyle) NA v Barnstaple (H 2.2.19) Won 3 ½ - ½ ( Barber-Lafon 1 McMullan 1 Hussey ½ Paul 1)    Two wins so far on this division!
Forthcoming matches:
Thursday 7th: TL Premier: NA “B” v South Hams (A)   Captain Andrew Kinder’s team (Brusey, Howard, Kinder, Blackmore) is eyeing up the title after 3 straight wins but this will be a tough match! 
Thursday 7th: TL Rapidplay NA v Plymouth (H)  Team: Miller, Cole, Barber-Lafon, Hussey
Thursday 7th  DCCA Junior division(Bloodworth Shield) – teams from Plymouth CC, Torquay Boys’ G.S, Colyton G.S and Broadclyst PS will contest this four-board team jamboree event in the downstairs hall  at the Courtenay Centre from 5-8 p.m. NA team:  Aarv Paul, Niranjana Narayanan, Jacob Warren, Caleb Greeves)
Saturday 9th DCCA KO  Rooke Cup):  NA v Teignmouth (A)  Team: Brusey, Brooks, Howard,Blackmore, Mark Bowhay, Taylor, Leon Farmer ,  Nathan Hardaker (captain Wilf Taylor has selected  3 of our new members plus Charlie Howard back from Spain)
Thursday 14th TL division3: NA v Plymouth (H) (team to be selected by Jacquie)
Saturday 16th DCCA Division 1 NA v Exmouth (A)   Team: : Brusey, Ramesh, Nyman, Howard Blackmore, Kinder 
Saturday 16th DCCA Division 3 NA v  Barnstaple (H) team to be selected by Wilf Taylor
Thursday 21st  TL Premier NA “A” v NA “B”   - the big return clash with the A team hoping for revenge for last October’s ½ - 3 ½ reverse!
Thursday 21st TL division 4 NA v South Hams (A) Team to be selected by Mike Hussey
New Grades:
Most members will by now be aware that the new grades came out at the end of January and can be seen on the ECF website. Congratulations to those (numerous) members whose grade has gone up. It is worth a reminder (captains please note) that the new grades DO apply in the Torbay League from 7th February but DO NOT apply in the Devon league which continues to use the Augiust 2018 grades for the  whole season.