SEASON 2016/2017





Andrew Kinder    

Trefor Thynne
The Farriers     54 Silverwood Avenue
Kingston   Milber
Kingsbridge TQ7 4PP  Newton Abbot TQ12 4LG

Tel: 01548 810750                                    

 01626 337876
 Email:ask.27@btinternet.com                                                   email:tthynne@tbgs.Torbay.sch.uk
Jacquie Barber- Lafon Andrew Kinder
19, Southey Crescent The Farriers
Kingskerswell Kingston
TQ12 5JQ Kingsbridge
Tel 01803 872954 Tel:01548 810750
E mail: jbarberlafon@btinternet.com E-Mail: ask.27@btinternet.com


Awards made at A.G.M. 25.5.17

Club Championship (section A):

Joint winners:      Paul Brooks

                                Trefor Thynne

Challengers (section B):  Jacquie Barber-Lafon

Best Under 125 performance: Jacquie Barber-Lafon

Minor (Section C) Winner:     Evan McMullan

                              Runner-up:  Luke Glasson

Rapidplay Tournament: Section A winner: Alan Brusey

                                            Section B winner:  Luke Glasson

Junior Championship: Winner: Luke Glasson

                                       Runner-up: Evan McMullan

New members award: Prabhu Kashap

Match-Play awards:  Best performance: Winner: Mike Hussey

                                                                      Runner-up: Charles Howard

                                                                       Junior: Nandaja Narayanan      

Junior improvement awards:       Kieran Raine

                                                            Niranjana Narayanan





The most senior Club Member- Philip Coaker -  makes the presentations  (Click on photo for a larger image)






Evan McMullan - Runner-up Junior Championship   Jaquie Barber-Lafon Best under 125 &Challengers   Paul Brooks Joint Champion   Luke Glasson Junior Championship   Nandaja Narayanan Match Play Junior


    Charles Howard Runner up Match play   Mike Hussey Match Play Best performance        













SECTION A - Up-Dated 2nd April

2017 Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total



Andrew Kinder

    ½     1 1 0 2½  

Trefor Thynne

      1 0 1 1 1 4  

Paul Brooks

½     1 ½ 1 1 1 5  

Joshua Blackmore

  0 0   1 1 1   3  

Vignesh Ramesh

  1 ½ 0   1 0 1 3½  

Wilf Taylor

0 0 0 0 0   0 0 0  

John Allen

0 0 0 0 1 1     2  

Charles Howard

1 0 0   0 1     2  


SECTION B - Up-Dated 2nd April

  Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total



Nandaja Narayanan

  ½   0     1   1½  

Jacquie Barber-Lafon

½   1       1   2½  

Mike Hussey

  0         0 1 1  

Oibek Ruzibayev

1           1   2  

Jake Corbett


Yannis Wells


Norman Tidy

0 0 1 0       1 2  

Prabhu Kashap

    0       0   0  


SECTION C - Up-Dated 2nd  April

  Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total



Levan Lomidze

  0   1       0 1  

Evan McMullan

1   1 1 1   1 1 6  

Bracken Lockett

  0     1 ½     1½  

Phillip Coaker

0 0     1 1   0 2  

Robert Greenall

  0 0 0   0   1 1  

Toby O'Donoghue

    ½ 0 1   0   1½  

Luke Glasson

1 0   1         2  

Martin Stewart

  0   1 0       1  


FIXTURE LIST 2016 - 2017
Th 6    TL3       Torquay Boys’ G.S H    7   W  4 – 0
Th 13TL R-PSouth HamsA7W 5½ - 2½
Th 20TL 1PlymouthH7W 2½ - 1½
Th 20TL2South HamsA7W 3 - 1
Sat 22DCCA2TeignmouthH2.30W 3 - 1
Mon 24TL4PlymouthA7D 2 - 2
Thur 3TL3TeignmouthH7W 3 - 1
Sat 5DCCA1TeignmouthA2.30W 5½ - ½
Sat 5DCCA3BarnstapleH2.30L 0 - 4
Th 17TL1South HamsH7W 3 - 1
Th17TL R-PPlymouthH7W 5 - 3
Sat 19DCCA1ExeterH2.30L 2 - 4
Mon 21TL3PlymouthA7
Th 24TL4South HamsA7
Sat 26DCCA2South HamsA2.30
We 30TL3South HamsA7
Tu 6TL2TeignmouthA7
Th 8TL$TeignmouthH7
Sat 17DCCA3ExeterA2.30
Sun 15DCCA Inter-Area JamboreePlymouth2.30
Th19TL2South HamsH7
Sat 21DCCA4TeignmouthH2.30
Th 26TL K-OSouth Hamsa7
Sat 28DCCA K-OExeterA2.30
We 1TL3Torquay Boys' G.S.A7
Sat 4DCCA2ExmouthA2.30
Mo 6TL1PlymouthA7
Th 9TL4PlymouthH7
Mo 13TL R-PPlymouthA7
TU 14TL3TeignmouthA7
Th 16TL2TeignmouthH7
Sat 18DCCA3TivertonH2.30
Th2TL1South HamsA7
Tu 7TL4TeignmouthA7
Th 16TL4South HamsH7
Th 23TL1TeignmouthH7
Sat 18DCCA2TivertonH2.30
Sat 25DCCA1PlymouthH2.30
Sat 25DCCA4TeignmouthA2.30
Th 30TL3South HamsH7
Sat-Sun 1-2National Club ChampionshipsSolihull
Th 6TL R-PSouth HamsH7
Sat 8DCCA4BarnstapleH2.30
Sat 22DCCA2BarnstapleH2.30
Sat 29DCCA1ExmouthA2.30
DCCA1 Bremridge CupDCCA2 Mamhead Cup
DCCA3 Schofield CupDCCA4 Moyle Cup
DCCA K-O Rooke CupDCCA Junior - two dates to be arranged after Christmas
Congress Dates
11-13 Nov Torbay (Torquay}4th Dec Plymouth Rapid-Play
10-12 Mar  East Devon (Exeter)14-17 Apr  WECU (Exmouth)
NACC Team Captains 2016-17
TL1 Paul BrooksTL2  Wilf TaylorTL3 Jacquie Barber-LafonTL4 Mike Hussey/Trefor Thynne
TLKO Paul BrooksTL R-P Andrew Kinder
Fixture list compile
d by TFT 20th October 2016


Ref Member Name Sex Age Club Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
128118F Silver Barber-Lafon, Jacquie F Newton Abbot 123 A 123 A 110 D
269317D Silver Best, Matthew M Shrewsbury 156 A 150 A 165 C 154 C
247356C Silver Billings, Alex J M Newton Abbot 157 E 165 D
290737K Gold Jnr Blackmore, Joshua P M 16 Newton Abbot 138 A 120 A 124 C 93 D
215149C Bronze
Brooks, Paul M Newton Abbot 161 A 159 A 165 D
107557D Gold Brusey, Alan W M Teignmouth 166 A 182 A 173 D 175 B
303077F Bronze Coaker, Philip M Newton Abbot 49 F
227246F Silver Cockerton, Mark J M Teignmouth 115 A 115 A 123 D 122 D
302589F Silver Corbett, Jake M 15 Newton Abbot 83 E 105 F 78 D
285528J Bronze Darlow, Paul M Newton Abbot 79 C 71 B 75 D
279819A Gold Jnr Fraser, John M Newton Abbot 178 C 179 A 173 C
300442K Bronze Jnr Glasson, Luke M 14 Newton Abbot 74 B 75 A 79 E
162619L Gold Homer, Stephen J M Newton Abbot 190 B 184 A 194 D 192 C
300093L Bronze Hui, Mark M Newton Abbot 184 D 184 D
266234G Bronze Hurst, Kevin J M Exmouth 174 C 175 C 178 E 168 D
277498H Silver Hussey, Michael M Newton Abbot 101 A 102 A 94 D 91 E
173310C Gold Ingham, H William M Teignmouth 162 A 161 A 170 C
162701G Silver Kinder, Andrew S M Newton Abbot 140 B 145 B 154 D 152 D
269131A Bronze Leung, Jeff M University College London 164 E 157 E
294486J Silver Jnr Lockett, Bracken F 14 Newton Abbot 73 C 77 B 90 D 86 E
114766D Gold Mackle, Dominic M Newton Abbot 208 E 205 A 201 D
245157J Silver Marshall, Michael O M Newton Abbot 166 D 167 D
272540L Gold Mills, Nathan M Newton Abbot 153 A 156 A 133 E
279359D Silver Jnr Narayanan, Nandaja F 16 Newton Abbot 119 C 115 A 106 D 98 D
294968E Silver Jnr Narayanan, Niranjana F 10 Newton Abbot 23 F 48 D
276896D Silver Jnr O'Donoghue, Toby M 13 Newton Abbot 59 C 47 C 75 E
248349L Bronze Perry, Neil M Teignmouth 57 A 59 A 44 F 44 F
302800J Silver Pringle, Awen M Newton Abbot 53 E
276543D Silver Jnr Ramesh, Vignesh M 15 Newton Abbot 154 A 146 A 156 C 157 C
304573A Silver Ruzibayev, Oibek M 17 Newton Abbot 130 F
281087G Bronze Jnr Sanders-Wyatt, Ben M 15 Newton Abbot 86 B 83 A 69 D
182650F Bronze Taylor, Wilfred RP M Newton Abbot 137 A 130 A 106 E
242035B Gold Thompson, Robert M Bristol University 176 C 176 B
120405B Gold Thynne, Trefor F M Newton Abbot 170 A 168 A 169 C 172 D
296552F Silver Jnr Wells, Yannis M 16 Newton Abbot 92 C 92 B 87 D
302592F Silver West, Ashton M 13 Newton Abbot 26 E
155624B Silver Wilby, Robert G M Plymouth 137 A 140 A 139 B 145 A
302845J Bronze Wilkes, Sam L M Newton Abbot 73 E 66 F
294488B Silver Jnr Williams, Ash M 9 Newton Abbot 53 D 62 E 56 C 52 D
128713J Gold Wilson, Matthew R M Torquay 158 A 155 A 155 A 154 A

Dear member/new member/potential member,

                            I am pleased to welcome you to the new season at Newton Abbot Chess  Club, our twelfth since the re-founding of the club in 2005.

                           I hope you have enjoyed a good summer and are now eager to be back in action at the chessboard. Some of you have no doubt had a break from the game while others, your secretary included, have played  tournaments at home or  abroad.   At least one notable success is worth a mention: junior member Vignesh Ramesh competed in the TERAFINAL of the UK CHESS CHALLENGE in August and scored a draw against Akshaya Kalaiyalahan (FIDE rating 2017) who is currently representing England Women in the Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaidjan.                      

                      The club’s OPENING NIGHT is THURSDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER 2016 (7 p.m.).  In line with tradition we shall start the season on a light-hearted note with a 10-second BUZZER tournament in which all members can take part. It should make for a lively, friendly start. New members will be particularly welcome to take part.

                   As ever we are looking to foster the progress of our junior members this year. Last year’s juniors made great strides and we are hoping to recruit some new youngsters this season. Our current  junior membership ranges in age from 7-18 and in ability from near-beginners to national level competitors.

Grades August 2016:  most of you will already have seen the new grades for the season. If not, they are available on the ECF website (www.englishchess.org) . Congratulations to those of you whose grade has gone up and good luck to all for this year. A reminder that the August 2016 grade is the one which applies throughout  the season for league matches even though new grades will be published in January.

 We are intending again to run some coaching sessions  this season.  The club’s committee will be meeting soon to plan various special events for the season in addition to the usual Torbay League and DCCA match programme.

               Our treasurer, Jacquie Barber-Lafon   will be delighted to receive subscriptions at any time from now on and early payment would be very helpful as the club has a number of financial commitments to meet in September and October.                                                       The treasurer’s address is: 19 Southey Crescent, Kingskerswell. Potential new members are invited to attend for two free sessions before paying a subscription.

               Subscriptions for this year are unchanged at £65 for adults and £30 for juniors.  We recognize that this level of subscription is higher than in some other Devon clubs but the committee feels  that the excellent facilities at the Courtenay Centre (for which we pay a room hire of thirty pounds per session)  together with the range of chess activities on offer make membership of the club  a good  deal. The committee has the discretion to vary these rates in individual cases where appropriate, for example for students or unwaged players or for those who wish to take part in only one  aspect of the club’s activity e.g. DCCA league matches. Cheques should be made payable to NEWTON ABBOT CHESS CLUB

           The match programme for the new season will be similar to last year with teams in the various divisions of the Torbay League and DCCA. However, as agreed at the AGM, we shall not be entering teams into the Exeter and District League this year.  We again intend to enter a team or teams in the National Club Championship in  Birmingham in April.

Captains for this year’s teams were agreed at the AGM as follows:

Torbay League: D1 Paul Brooks, D2 Wilf Taylor, D3 Jacquie Barber-Lafon, D4 tba, Rapidplay Andrew Kinder, Knock-Out Trefor Thynne.

DCCA: D1 Trefor Thynne, D2 Paul Brooks, D3 Wilf Taylor, D4 Jacquie Barber-Lafon , Knock-Out Trefor Thynne, Junior (Bloodworth)  Josh Blackmore/Jake Corbett

         ECF MEMBERSHIP:  club members are reminded that they need to renew their English Chess Federation memberships from 1st September. Rates remain the same as last year.  Adult membership rates are:  Gold £32 Silver £22 Bronze £15. Junior members: Gold £26 Silver £16 Bronze £11. Any junior member who has not previously been an ECF member can have one year’s free membership. Details of how to join are on the ECF website (www.englishchess.org.uk) or it can be done via the club secretary if you prefer. ECF Bronze membership is a precondition of playing in external matches for the club.

DCCA TEAM QUICK-PLAY: We shall again be hosting this popular event at the Courtenay Centre on Sunday 30th October. Further information when the season gets under way.


The AGM decided that this year we shall retain an All-Play-All format for the club’s internal championships. There will be three sections: Championship, Challengers, Minor. Players will be allocated to sections according to grading and last  season’s results. If you wish to enter the club’s internal championship it is essential to inform Andrew Kinder, the Competitions’ Secretary, by Thursday  6th October, the deadline for entry. Andrew’s e-mail address is:  ask.27@btinternet.com.

(Rapidplay tournament: the committee will decide shortly on the format of any other tournaments to be run including a Rapidplay tournament).

Junior members are welcome to apply to enter the championship tournaments. There will also be junior tournaments on the same pattern as last year: Autumn Junior from October to January followed by Junior Championship and Challengers tournaments from February to May. These will be run by the Secretary. It is not necessary to enter these in advance as all junior members will be automatically included.

I look forward to welcoming you all at the first club night on 22nd September and hope that you will have an enjoyable  and successful chess season with Newton Abbot.

Trefor Thynne  (Club Secretary)                                                                             12.9.16

01626 337876                         tthynne@tbgs.torbay.sch.uk