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Recently published books

David vs Goliath

"How to Become a Grandmaster"

"Chess for Children"

"Your Kingdom for my Horse"

"Positional Decision Making in Chess"

"The Death's Head Chess Club"

"The Art of Checkmate"

"The Batsford Book of Chess from Beginner to Winner*

"The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played"

"New Art of Defence in Chess"

"John Nunn's Chess Course"

"Winning Chess"

"100 Trade Secrets"

"Pawn Structure Chess"

"AVRO 1938"

"Aron Nimzowitsch On the Road to Chess Mastery 1886-1924"

"Reuben Fine - A comprehensive Record of an American Chess Career, 1929-1951"

"Prepare to Attack"

"Arkell's Odyssey - The Autobiography of a Chess Grandmaster"

"What it takes to become a Chess Master"

"John Brown.  The Forgotten Chess Composer?"

"1000 Checkmate Combinations"

"Calculate like a Grandmaster"

"John Brown - the forgotten Chess Composer" & "Sixty Years in the same room".

Critical Moments in Chess - Paata Gapridashvili

Studying Chess Made Easy - Andrew Soltis

Learn Chess Quick - - Brian Byfield & Alan Orpin

Sharpen your Chess Tactics in 7 Days - Gary Lane

Kasparov: How his Predecessors misled him about Chess - Tibor Karolyi and Nick Alpin